Monday, January 23, 2017

letters of protest, glue and paper, god is disappointed in you, but there is bacon!

 Just getting started, supporting the US post office that is for sure, snail mail to Paul Ryan and The Orange Baby, re: ACA, PP and Medicare, so far. 
There will be more to be sure. Four years , there may be nothing left considering the speed at which the Baby's bulldozers are tearing through the constitution and the progress we have struggled to attain since EVER! . 

Time out to build a house.
I had this house printed on card, found it in a charity shop somewhere, Cut out the bits, folded and glued to the best of my ability. 
The instructions, all in German...I scissored one of the chimneys off. 

then for less frustration and more guffaw, I began reading "God Is Disappointed In You"

I have never read the bible so this short cut is most helpful and hilarious. Dare you to not laugh uncontrollably through all of the books.

It is scattered here and there with cartoons pertinent to the chapters- glad to get to this one, and made a BLT- to shore me up for the next onslaught of Orange Baby and henchmen shenanigans. 

adding to my wardrobe , more pink pussy hats! A girl can never have enough!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women's march- to be continued....

This is the couple who hosted the Obama celebration the night the lights went out all over the nation. It was a very nice party, no fines were collected for the mention of the Orange Baby's name. No body dared!

Stella bought dinner for us with her Christmas gift certificate, plus two champagne for herself, two G&T for me.
Just the right amount for happiness , but not enough for forgetting.

Of course the MARCH the next day has been world wide extraordinary!

-there were four native nations represented at our march. This woman from a tribe in Oklahoma but she lives here. 
She is wise and powerful, no pink pussy hat for her, hell no!

 Our Lummi nation, cedar hats, and the will to make America a land where we all can live in freedom and awareness, even though America has done nothing but shit on them. They are the strongest , most patient folks.


so massive that the end of the march met up with  thousands of marchers waiting to begin the march , I think that the final tally was close to ten thousand, our little town!

Along the way , nothing but goodwill - cleansing sage.

Weather forecast was for rain, instead, above the march shown this bright sliver of rainbow in a bright blue sky.
womxn's march , global phenomena, all from one sixty year old woman's comment on Pantsuit Nation, Facebook. 
THIS, to be continued, now the work begins.

Friday, January 20, 2017

clutter, Deuce in the studio, heart is gone

Best thing about today- hiding in studio, unplugged from inaugural  trash, playing with Deuce, the studio pup. I had not seen him for a very long time , since September but his memory is good, he knows where I keep the biscuits and the tug toys. He scampered straight to my studio door when he realized that I was there, FINALLY!  See the tail action?

Life is better with a pup! Deuce made this very sad day do-able. 

Out the window, where the giant ivy heart used to be... also sad, torn out, along with it's guts and dead rats tangled in its branches. It had to go, progress you see, Soon the granery will be a hub of commerce, so they say.

Still getting rid of stuff though you would never guess it from the state of nearly every room. Clutter, mass amounts of clutter. Narrowing it down though. 
There are no bare surfaces, just managed piles of this and that.
And houseplants, way too many houseplants.

so much of the stuff is just silly , like these teeny tiny objects that take up no space at all really, but the thing is that there is just  too much . So far, when I am not in utter despair  over trumplethinskin, anger fires my motivation to whittle down that which is unnecessary. Readying for the grand escape.
Despair urges me to cling. I am at battle with myself...who will win?
- putting my money on anger, though  today's desperation/hopelessness has me by the throat.

Looking forward to the Womxn's ( and yes that is the preferred spelling) march tomorrow, and the OBAMA celebration tonight. 
AND several gin and tonic soothers...
The next four years will be challenging. I will not pledge allegiance. The Orange Baby Cheeto is not my president. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

studio window, finishing sign , hat and a friend

The deep freeze has broken, we are back to cloud cover and balmy 40 degrees. From studio window the old digesters stand guard. I paint my sign - cover it with packing tape, we can count on rain.
NOT a golden shower, thank you. I also add to my pussy hat, a brim to ward off the rain.
Still unreal that this vile orange malignant narcissist will take office at the end of the week.
Friends are meeting at Skylarks, where Stella and I usually go for dinner and drinks. A happy place!
It will be a farewell celebration for Obama, a love fest , anyone mentioning "the Other" will be fined twenty bucks.
The womxns march to follow the next day.

My friend  is feeling afraid. She has volunteered to hold a banner on stage during the Womxn's event. My white privilege is always surprised when she feels threatened I do not realize! She has to remind me continually that her reality is different. Another reason to march, to consistently call people on their bullshit . Now that the Orange Baby has unleashed the most hateful disrespectful behaviour , given license to the worst of human nature to act out in  ignorance , we can not allow side remarks, like in the grocery line, or on the bus, where ever,  let alone blatantly racist, misogynistic,homophobic, crap to be uttered with out addressing that horror up front, right now! Pantsuit Nation is the best thing to come from this horrific election. I usually avoid crowds, but this is different, isn't it. Gathering numbers of like minded - "This Will Not Stand"...mothers, daughters, lovers smacking fear and hate on its tiny weenie!
  Resistance, word of the day.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

pussy hat, signage, jay and crow

Pussy hats will be worn , I am not a knitter but went to the dollar store today to get sign making material, bought a pink hat, altered it in about twenty minutes and though it is small will do the trick I think. 
The color is off because  the kitchen light makes everything look weird, It is more pussy  pink than shouting out loud pink.

I will likely use these two signs, paint them bright red with rainbow duck tape holding it together , also holding it onto the wrapping paper roll for a handle. So, in total I spent four dollars for the Women's March.
We are told to bundle up, layers, take water bottle ( recyclable of course, because you know...Bellingham)...a snack or sandwich in pocket, carry no bags. There are so many issues it is difficult to decide...but I think these two downloads cover a lot of territory.

The best advice is to dress warmly , wear good shoes, and stay well, for this march. 

So far there have been 49 people in Washington state that have died from flu this month, and it is not even flu season yet,  none in our county so far. maybe ten hospitalized. To fight flu germs neosporin in nostrils is supposed to help significantly, which is what I used on the flight to London, Either it worked or it was coincidental, I did not get ill.

Now that the freeze is over, the squirrel has come out of her drey , ate an entire bag full of nuts, the jays of course are ever present squawking for handouts, and for the first time since baby crow got eaten by the cat, his buddy showed up and waited patiently for me to find something delicious for him. Two rashes of organic uncured local bacon! He carried both at the same time and said thank you. I am so glad to have been accepted again.
Dreadful feeling- to be snubbed .

Friday, January 13, 2017

murder in Portland, high guy, studio making stuff

Photo of a murder of crows in Portland Oregon, nearly two feet of snow , everyone loved it - for a couple of days , then the  reality of getting to work made it less fun. Busses packed to the max , on time sometimes but mostly the city just stopped- still-  folks frolicked.

I went to the studio this afternoon. It is warmer, spring right around the corner they say ...maybe...probably. Who knows, climate change may just shoot us right into burning summer. 

The granery is stripped and shored up, the ivy heart will be torn out against the wishes of everyone who is sentimental.  Ivy grows quickly so they may grow another one somewhere,  many have used it for photos of engagement, marriage, graduation, a ton of selfies. However it is a little bit dangerous, right on the road- to get a good shot the photographer runs across the road , or stands in the middle of it, or , worse, on the RR tracks.
This guy is high, across from my studio window- scary!

with the grey cloud cover back in town, it is warmer. Such a trade off. 
Blue sky and sunshine are preferable , haze - not my fave. 
I am so insane lately, looking for alternatives, I even looked at real estate in Wyoming- found a cute house in Laramie and actually considered it. I went to University there and that winter a woman froze to death walking across campus- 50 degrees below zero. My memory has returned, not my sanity necessarily,  - I think I am going to let that  idea go back where it came from, and drink some anti anxiety tea , get through this horror show that is WTF AMERICA, and then off to England. 

Fiddled around a little with the felted table runner, it needs something. Still not satisfied, will work on it a little more tomorrow, when parking is free.

As soon as the weather improves I will go down to the beach to gather beachy twigs and leaves for building little fairy chairs. This one is five inches tall on which a mouse usually sits.
I suppose I could spend my time more wisely, like finding a way to cure humanity of its ills, something no body has managed to accomplish yet, but I do not think I am the gal for the job, not even close, I can not even cure my own ills.
 I care more about providing comfortable furniture for wee creatures which may or may not exist,  I will just stick with that, and stay out of trouble.

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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