Friday, September 9, 2016

Blown to the bone,Burn your love

 I think that Burning Man has got to be  be for the young. It is harsh camping with people you do not know, "showering" with wet wipes, my favorite!
 The desert - a wild thing , slapping everything above ground with the fury of white,hot, dry sand, in the midst of humanity's  temporary wonderment/art/ performances/ temples of the heart, and spirit. There is no money, no barter, just what you bring to use and give. A lot of giving goes on. It takes at least a year to prepare. It is most certainly NOT a comfortable holiday. Not a Hallmark sentimentality in pastels bearing a sweet  generic message,  ...the desert is like-..." I am what I am, welcome, I will give you stunning  sunrises and colorful sunsets, I will try to  kill you, I am indifferent, survive if you must, I don't care. "

Erik has reported that it was the BEST .
On so many levels. AHHhhhh youth.

Remember when love was a super power- it was all that mattered, We would DIE for love and we  were on our best behavior to make sure that it did not get it's feelings hurt.. We would feed it the best of the stuff in the pantry. All the jam! All the jarred summer peaches.We latched on  hard to love.
We sang songs to that effect, growing old, together - when I'm 64...and all that. Time sneaks up -.  cells  replace the old ones several times over.Love like that changes- Like the Playa, once a lake ,married to the sun and  the wind,  baked and  blown to the bone, changing every moment , what better place to have a HUMAN happening of the most incredible temporary art, life, loving . Pretty great metaphor- Burning Man!!  Some say it's all about love.Some say it's all about art, some say it's all about life/death,/rebirth condensed into fourteen days. I have no idea , I have not gone there. Yet.

SO, I say, if you are not dead ,  do stuff, dress funny, be burning man- esque (with a real shower). pull the plug , loosen the stays, sing loudly and off key! Love has come for you! It's not romantic nor is it narrow,  it is not idealistic ,but ,it may be  the real deal . It is a gushing, unattractive, weeping, snotty thing, pathetic before the temple, ( which houses ashes of loved ones, wishes for the world, photos of the happiest of days,)- as it burns to the ground.

 I must go sometime before I get too cranky, Or before I toss gasoline around my match box...just for effect.
Erik says I would love it. He did have the BEST TIME!!! Renewal!
So-.who's game? I do not know how to go about actually going to Burning Man, but I do have wet wipes, it's a start...

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Burn Boy, and afternoon with Stella

Erik returned after 14 days in the burning man desert, mind blown across the desert every day. Had to go to work directly without decompressing. Poor lad.

Stella and I went out this afternoon for tea and cucumber sandwiches.
The old pay phone that used to function , just stands there doing nothing . A Twilight Zone item. A curiosity for tourist's photo ops.

A gin and tonic, getting ready for England. Requires some measure of practice!
 I am trying to perfect my  G&T skills!

Quiet day in the neighborhood. "World Famous Scones" not really!

Already I am thinking to lose my return ticket.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

petal catchers and This is how it is done

  Large leaves beneath the Dahlias, reluctant to let the petals  fall, hold them until the next storm, clinging to the last bit of summer, I am in their court, fond of summer, not looking forward to the long dark rain filled days that last FOREVER! The furnace has already roared to life, the leaves are changing, the crisp grass unfurling in the rain, so thirsty... unsympathetic, I crave more summer, more dry heat. 

   gravity will take all of the petals , the wind will blow and the rain will pelt, and that will have been another  glorious summer gone. 

This will be how we do it, The water will be too cold in the lakes, forget about the bay entirely. We will make do, until winter has it's way and moves on.

AND this is how magic works...The amazing parcel in previous post was very slow getting here, I wrote to my friend, in a worried tone, that it had not arrived. She made a wish and just as the Fed Ex man stumbled up the stairs, a rainbow occurred over my Friend's head on her island on her beach, all the way across the country. Time/thought/love are not measured by distance. All is just right! Wishes - efficacious, if you know how- and you happen to be a magic person! This is her rainbow shot from her phone. Lovely!

Today I am tying up loose ends . There was an earth quake last night, right under Stella! 
A good time to go on a trip, This area is long over due for a major quake, the little ones are good to ease the earths shifting incrementally , but, yes, they make people a little bit nervous.

Monday, September 5, 2016

leaving behind

Leaving the deer in the yard and the cabbage moths on the leaves. Already lost my crow , I heard a murder in full fury one morning and on the deck was my crow with his buddies flocking around, encouraging him to get up and fly!!! He had been wounded. Somehow he made it to my window on the deck. He fell between the rails to the ground below and hopped over to our neighbors bushes, A little while later There was Mr. Cat all plump and satisfied, cleaning his paw by the bushes. I know what happened, I am so sorry that it did.
The crows have snubbed me ever since, They hold me accountable I guess.

Packed now and ready for my grand escape, Two little carry- ons for three months stay in London, but it is not like there are no shops in London, whatever I am missing I am pretty sure I can find there.

Since I am staying for a longer time I might have time to pop up to Norway to see my friend Lizzy, this is her shed which she covered with traditional Norwegian weaving. A side trip to Norway would take some planning , she is traveling also. And since this trip for me is all about NOT planning I may have to check that one off of my list.

I could pop over to Venice for a one nighter, which would be all it would take to get my Venice fix.

Or pop over to Paris for a day, Paris , my least favorite city.
I could do  a lot of things, I suppose, since I am in the neighborhood, I doubt I will, however, London entertains me sufficiently!

Now that I have re-opened the blog door, I likely will not blog from London, I am only taking my IPAD, which does not allow me to blog, I can read yours, but I can not leave anything.
I will be going to art stores and picking up things to play with , maybe a journal for drawing what I see instead of photographing , That will slow me down to a crawl, the time will fly and I will return to the Ham in time for the worst weather and the crazy Christmas season.
If you said, "Oh, well then, you should stay longer..." I would easily be talked into it!
It's just money, right?

Sunday, September 4, 2016

time click windows

OK, I guess I lied, I am posting again...As I was walking from my studio to my friend's art show up the street I pointed and shot the granary through an opening in the barrier on the street. Totally by accident this photo turned out well, the line of the sky measuring perfectly with the line of the hills on the barrier. A complete accident. My Ipad has a good eye.

Across from the studio through my window is a window in a window through another window.

  I came home to find a parcel full of the most incredibles , sent from my long lost friend, now living in NYC. The bird ear rings were made by her friend and artist Ted Muehling.She said that she had worn them for years , just waiting for me to find her so that she could give them to me, She had given me the sweetest little yellow canary before we parted way back in our youth, She off to NYC and I off to a horse training ranch in the dessert. How very opposite we are, she tall, willowy, graceful, thoughtful and timid, and I , tankish, impulsive, bold. The little canary lived with me until my cat ate it. The cat ran away after having dined on my beloved Yellow, to live in the slaughter house down the road, having developed  a taste for blood.

 She celebrates our  love for birds, for flight, She collected feathers.

Lovely little bag for treasure, a bright penny,  a stone from her beach on Fire Island.

In one very plump bag were the letters from our youth that she had kept all these many years! We had utterly lost contact though I thought I had spotted her once in a Woody Allen film walking on the street as an extra, and I thought I had spotted her in the sparkly night sky. 
Facebook, for all of it's folly has been amazing for finding lost loved ones!
I read all of the letters except for three , I could not handle any more remembering...It was a difficult time for us, Boys, our friends, going off to Vietnam, if they returned they were forever damaged, there was a sexual/cultural revolution in full swing, there were the Owsley's, There was the small mean spirited town in which we lived, we created a bubble around us of happiness, delight searching out the very best we could find. There was Donovan and Leonard Cohen,
A whirlwind of rememberings!

For a breather I took Cubby for a walk , went to his garden and looked at the sky through his sunflowers.

A day of windows and rememberings, and flight...
I sent Mr. Man and middle son on a flight today, Rented a few hours in a little Cessna for the two of them to get high, gain some perspective , have a good father /son time. I bought it as a surprise for Mr. Man, whose flying/ pilot days ended 20 years ago. Middle son is a pilot for Alegiant Air so all will be safe. no worries.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

9 years, 1627 posts time to call it a day

walking the dog through the community garden down the street.

Taking Jacqui, the turtle, out in the yard for a bit of rare sunshine and some shoe love.

Cubby ensconced in his domain.
All is right with his world.
Most of you are facebook friends so this blog will not be missed.
It will be removed within the week.
Thanks folks, its been lovely to meet you all!
Time to shift gears.

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

I'm your BIGGEST fan!

petal bowl

petal bowl

Splash Bowl

Splash Bowl


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